Placing Qualified Tenants

MAIN Property Management Application Criteria

To all Prospective Tenants:

MAIN Property Management gathers Prospective Tenant (PT) information and formulates an Opinion that is then shared with the Owner or Landlord (L). Much like a bank, MAIN’s Opinion relates to the ability of the PT to complete the terms of their lease, which includes, but not limited to, the PT’s ability to pay the rent in full and on time each month for the duration of the lease. We like to see a score card of 0.

The following are the criterion that formulate the Opinion sent to the L:

  1. MAIN is an Equal Housing Opportunity Agent We do not discriminate in placement of tenant or housing offered based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex familial status (families with children under the age f 18 or who are expecting a child), or handicap. You can learn more about the Fair Housing Act here
  2. Manager Discretion
  3. MAIN reserves the right to exercise “Management Discretion” within the process of pre-screening/showing /leasing units. If a potential tenant otherwise meets the admission criteria, but we are not comfortable leasing to PT due to dialog that we feel PT might not be happy with the unit, or communication that is uncomfortable, confrontational, rude, threatening or otherwise inappropriate, we may exercise Management Discretion as the sold basis for recommending rejection of the PT. Management Discretion is Scored 0 (no objection) to 5 (rejection).
  4. Rent to Income Ratio
  5. We like to see a rent to income ratio of less than 33%. This is calculated by Monthly Rent divided by Before Tax Monthly Income. For the income to count, it must pass #4. Income verification, such as paystubs or 1099 statements, may be requested.
    Rent to Income      Rent<33%       Score 0
    (of your Gross Income)      Rent = > 33%      Score 5
  6. Experian Credit Score
  7. The credit score must be that of the person with the income who is on the lease and will be paying the rent. You are entitled to one free credit report from each of the three national credit reporting bureaus every year. You can get your free credit report online by visiting
    FICO Score      > 650       Score 0
    FICO Score      < = 650      Score 5

Q&A Screening and Showing Units