Investment Advisory Services

MAIN is prepared to provide clients the financial, market feasibility study of how a real estate investment is likely to perform and how suitable it is for a given investor. Investment analysis is the key to any sound portfolio-management strategy. An investment analysis is a look back at previous investment decisions and the thought process of making the investment decision. Key factors should include:

  • Entry price
  • Leveraging by financing
  • Expected time horizon
  • Preservation and return of equity capital
  • Taxes
  • Assessment of risk
  • Reasons for making the decision at the time
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One of the principal Owners of MAIN is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM). MAIN approaches Investment Advisory Services from its professional Investment experiences gain and practiced by CCIMs over last 50 years; and, through the implementation of CCIM resources including CCIM’s ongoing practical educational meeting and courses over the last 10 years. MAIN approaches all Investment Analysis using the CCIM’s Interest Based Interest and Decision Model. Sometimes referred to as a principled negotiation, collaborative negotiation, win-win negotiation, in the context of commercial real estate, interest-based analysis includes the following aspects:

  1. People make decision based on their interests (or needs).
  2. The key to successful analysis is finding creative and effective way to satisfy the interest of all.
  3. Understand how a proposed analysis will satisfy or harm the criteria interests.

This approach of interest-based analysis becomes more important than the financial conclusions derived directly from the property.

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